How do I measure and/or reduce my Carbon Footprint in full compliance with ISO standards and in keeping with the current legal minimum requirements?

The easiest way to do these things properly is, of course to get a competent carbon emission’s consultant to do them for you. However, how do you know if your consultant is competent? You could undergo an ISO accredited training course yourself OR alternatively you could, at least check if the consultant has undergone a recognised ISO training course.  

Where do I get a recognised ISO course?  Carbon Action is the sole provider of ISO training outside the US and Canada. Carbon Action’s ISO 14064–2 Training provides practical, sequenced steps which equip you to generate reductions in your organization’s carbon footprint through GHG projects.  

This course will give you a deep understanding of fundamental GHG project quantification, monitoring and reporting concepts and techniques.  You will learn to utilize ISO 14064-2 for GHG projects to make informed decisions (cost/benefit analysis).  The course also explains about projects that reduce emissions (e.g., alternative energy) or enhance emissions removal (e.g., forestry projects).

You will gain knowledge of the principles and tools for determining project baselines, monitoring/quantifying and reporting performance, validation/verification.

Why Get your Training from Carbon Action?

Credibility: Carbon Action is the Strategic Alliance Partner of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The CSA administers the International Secretariat of ISO/TC207/SC7 on GHG Management. This committee is responsible for ISO 14064 standards and the CSA’s role and leadership are fundamental to ensure that these standards are up to date and meet stakeholder needs. Carbon Action is a technical expert on ISO/TC207/SC7.

Practical Experience: The CSA administers comprehensive Greenhouse Gas registries.  Carbon Action has provided support to many GHG programmes in Asia, Africa, Europe and Mid-East.

Carbon Action – part of Chris Mee Group are a leading provider of environmental related training and consultancy services in UK, Ireland & abroad.

If you have any questions regarding greenhouse gas emissions or targets please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced Consultants at 16 St. Martin’s le Grand, St. Paul’s, London EC1A 4EN   OR Telephone us on +44 207 397 8500  OR Email us at