Climate Action Voucher

Is your business sustainable and climate action ready?

With this support, we can help your business to plan for a ‘green transformation’ by reducing emissions and becoming more resource efficient.

Who is it for
Businesses looking to jump-start their sustainability journey

Service Received
Up to 2 days of independent training or advisory services to develop an initial sustainability action plan

Funding Amount
Maximum award of €1800 with a maximum daily rate of €900 / maximum course fees of €1,800

The Climate Action Voucher program provides a valuable opportunity for eligible companies to engage in strategic planning for a sustainable future. Accessible to qualified businesses, the voucher offers up to 2 days of independent technical or advisory services support, allowing companies to tap into crucial expertise. These services can be procured from a list of approved providers, with a directory link conveniently available for reference.

The primary objective of the Climate Action Voucher is to assist companies in preparing for a low carbon and more resource-efficient future economy. This support is applicable to businesses at various stages of their green transformation journey, emphasizing the urgency driven by scientific evidence to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Recognizing the imperative need for prompt action, the program aligns with the objective of halving greenhouse gas emissions every decade, ultimately aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050.

Anticipated outcomes of the short voucher-supported assignment extend beyond its immediate impact, foreseeing the initiation of companies into a journey of sustainable activities. This may include further training, technical feasibility studies, innovation, or capital projects. The initiative is designed to catalyze meaningful steps toward a more environmentally conscious and resilient business landscape. To streamline the process, a directory link is provided for companies to easily access and engage with approved service providers, fostering a collaborative approach to climate action.

Green Start

Every business is now working toward a greener future by incorporating sustainable practices into their day to day operations.

With GreenStart, we’re helping businesses to improve their environmental performance through greater resource efficiency, driving competitive advantage and reducing costs.

Who is it for
Businesses seeking to introduce environmental best practice systems to achieve cost and resource reduction.

Service Received
Projects may include:

  • Implementing a structured environmental management and reporting system
  • Developing a decarbonisation strategy and action plan,
  • Aligning environmental practices to global/Irish sustainability reporting initiatives.

What is provided?

  • Fund the cost of hiring an environmental consultant for a 7 day in-company assignment to introduce best practice sustainable systems and structures to the business.

Funding Amount
Maximum grant funding available is €5,000

The GreenStart Assignment offers companies a strategic opportunity to elevate their environmental performance by fostering greater resource efficiency. This initiative aims to not only improve ecological sustainability but also enhances competitive advantage and market share for participating businesses. Companies engaging in the GreenStart Assignment can anticipate realizsing significant cost savings while simultaneously strengthening their environmental credentials. The projects under this program exhibit a flexible scope, ranging from the implementation of robust environmental management systems to a comprehensive assessment of the environmental footprint associated with their products or services.

To support companies in this endeavor, grant assistance is available for the hiring of a Green consultant or trainer, facilitating a short-term, in-company assignment. This support extends to covering the costs associated with engaging our expert team for a similar assignment. The focus of these assignments encompasses the introduction of Climate Action, Energy, and Environmental best practices within the company. The intended outcomes include the achievement of specific cost reduction targets and the establishment of a solid foundation for future environmental improvement projects. Through the GreenStart Assignment, companies can proactively contribute to sustainable business practices while simultaneously reaping the benefits of enhanced operational efficiency and market positioning.

Green Plus

With new government policies on decarbonisation, rising energy costs and shifting consumer expectations, sustainability is now at the top of every business agenda.

With GreenPlus, we can help your business to prepare for a greener, more sustainable future.

Who is it for
“Enterprise Ireland clients seeking to increase environmental management and staff capabilities.”

Service Received
What can it be used for?
– Training to build environmental management capabilities
– Implementing environmental best practice within the company
– Hiring an external environmental service provider
– External training courses
– Licence costs for the use of e-learning digital content for the period of the project
– Covering part of the salary cost for up to 10 staff members working as part of the green team.

Funding Amount

What is provided?
50% of the eligible project costs up to a maximum of €100,000 (€50,000 grant).
Projects are typically 12 months in duration

The GreenPlus Project is a comprehensive environmental initiative designed as a medium-scale training program, guided by external environmental experts. With a primary focus on cultivating high-level environmental management capabilities, the project aims to propel environmental efficiencies and bolster sustainability measures. Through the establishment and integration of continuous improvement systems and behaviors, the initiative seeks to enhance the agility and resilience of client companies in the face of climate change impacts.

Eligible activities within the GreenPlus Project encompass the development of a thorough climate change and sustainability plan, meticulously aligned with international standards and frameworks. The grant allocated for this purpose can be utilised to cover a portion of the salary costs for up to 10 dedicated members of the company’s green project team. These team members play a crucial role in supporting the change process within the organisation, taking responsibility for implementing environmental best practices. They not only undergo training themselves but also actively train others in utilizing environmental improvement tools and techniques, thereby fostering a culture of continuous environmental improvement and efficiency.

The GreenPlus Project operates within a typical duration of 12 months, allowing for flexibility in project size and scope. The overarching goal of this initiative is to achieve heightened sustainability for client companies, equipping them with the necessary capabilities to respond effectively to the challenges posed by climate change impacts.

Strategic Consultancy Assignment

In challenging times, strategy is more important than ever.

A strategy consultant can provide your business with unbiased insights to help you adapt to change, unearth new opportunities and develop a competitive advantage.

Who is it for
Businesses looking to update their strategy for greater efficiency and growth.

Service Received
This grant can support the cost of hiring a strategic consultant to help with the development and/or implementation of strategic initiatives.

Strategic Consultancy Grant for SMEs & Large clients

For SMEs, eligible projects must be new assignments of strategic significance to the company.
For large companies, eligible projects are limited to environmental studies or consultancy services directly linked to investments for improved levels of environmental protection including decarbonisation, increased energy and resource efficiency and renewable energy generation.

Strategic Consultancy Grant – Short Projects Support for HPSU, SME & Large clients (for projects between 3-10 days in duration) is a grant rate of 80%

Eligible projects must focus on:

(a) an identified pillar issue arising from a client development meeting or
(b) achieving gender balanced teams (actions arising from

Funding Amount
There are two types of grants available:
Strategic Consultancy Grant
– For SMEs & Large companies
– Up to 50% of the costs incurred in hiring a consultant to a maximum grant amount of €35,000.

Strategic Consultancy Grant – Short Projects
– For HPSUs, SME & Large companies
– Projects of 3-10 days duration
– Up to 80% of the costs incurred in hiring a consultant to a maximum grant amount of €7,200
– Companies can avail of a maximum of three projects, addressing separate business challenges in any 12-month rolling period.

The Strategic Consultancy Grant, available to Enterprise Ireland customers, serves as a vital financial support mechanism for funding the development cost of Climate Action Strategies. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of both SMEs and large companies, this grant is a valuable resource for enterprises aiming to enhance their sustainability efforts. For large companies, the eligibility criteria emphasize a focus on developing an organizational carbon reduction roadmap, with exclusivity for strategic assignments under this grant. Importantly, the grant cannot be utilized to subsidize regular operating costs or routine outsourced consultancy in areas such as PR, marketing, legal, and financial domains.

The scope of support provided through the Strategic Consultancy Grant encompasses a meticulous approach. This involves conducting a detailed carbon footprint calculation across all emissions scopes, undertaking a comprehensive review of opportunities for emissions reduction, and culminating in the compilation of a detailed strategy aligned with long-term climate action goals.

There are two types of grants under this program. The first, the Strategic Consultancy Grant, is applicable to both SMEs and large companies, covering up to 50% of the costs incurred in hiring a consultant, with a maximum grant amount of €35,000. The second, the Strategic Consultancy Grant – Short Projects, is designed for High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs), SMEs, and large companies. Projects under this category, lasting 3-10 days, can receive up to 80% of the costs incurred in hiring a consultant, with a maximum grant amount of €7,200. Companies have the flexibility to avail of a maximum of three projects, addressing separate business challenges within any 12-month rolling period. This multi-faceted grant system provides a robust framework for businesses to embark on sustainable initiatives, making meaningful strides towards climate action.

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