London, March 2012 – Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are increasingly material for a number of sectors. Carbon Action is an education and training provider that is active in many environmental initiatives and is a strategic alliance partner of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  It today announced that it has become the first UK education and training partner to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

CDP is a not-for-profit organisation working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction and sustainable water use by business and cities. More than 3,700 organizations in over 70 countries and in all major economies disclose climate change and GHG emissions data to CDP.

Carbon Action was chosen as a CDP education and training partner due to its notable experience in GHG management training and education in the ISO 14064 GHG Inventory, GHG Projects, Validation and Verification fields.  Carbon Action has trained many hundreds of GHG practitioners from around the world including environmental, energy and sustainability consultancies, banking, regulatory organisations, auditing firms, and local government authorities together with industrial and commercial organizations. Organizations who enlist an independent training body can improve their carbon management performance and submit reports of material value to CDP.

Fergal Mee, Director, Carbon Action said, “We see a strong link between training in carbon and the CDP’s goal of working to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We have a lot to offer CDP reporting companies.”

Carbon Action provides internationally recognized ISO 14064 training courses in the UK and Ireland.

Paul Robins, Director of Fundraising, Carbon Disclosure Project said “We are delighted to welcome Carbon Action as an accredited provider of education and training services. We have long recognised the importance of greenhouse gas management training for companies who are trying to reduce their carbon emissions. Carbon Action has an excellent range of education options for all organizations.” 

What role does Carbon Action play?
Carbon Action offers courses which are programme and policy neutral and internationally recognised because they are based on ISO 14064 standards. Organisations with trained carbon professionals improve the quality and reliability of an organization’s carbon emissions reporting, which will enhance the quality of company reports submitted to CDP.  Robust GHG information is increasingly used by investors and decision makers in assessing and comparing carbon performances. 

Carbon Action trains specialists in:

ISO 14064-1 Essentials – Greenhouse Gas Inventories for Organizations 
ISO 14064-2 Essentials – Greenhouse Gas Projects 
ISO 14064-2 Experts Course for Greenhouse Gas Projects
Greenhouse Gas Validation using ISO 14064 – 3
Greenhouse Gas Verification using ISO 14064 -3

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