In the aftermath of financial crises and a global recession, robust systems of oversight of enterprise risk management, is a non-negotiable requirement for all organisations, be they Public, Private, Not-For-Profit or Governmental. The re-examination of a board’s role and the performance of its Management Team in the oversight of enterprise-wide risk are now actively pursued by regulatory bodies, public interest groups and shareholders alike. To satisfy such examination organisations must demonstrate that they have a system that continuously identifies, analysis’s, evaluates and mitigates risk within a risk Framework which is integrated into the organisations overall corporate governance. Carbon Action’s 2 day ISO 31000 Risk Management course will provide participants with the knowledge, guidance and understanding to manage risk in a systematic, transparent and credible manner withing their organisation.


Course Overview

By the end of this course, participants will have a working knowledge of how to adapt their current risk management setting into a phased implementation plan in relation to the ISO 31000 Risk Management standards. Participants will also understand typical implementation activities, plans and outcomes.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to evaluate your organisation’s risk management activity regarding ISO 31000 Risk Management standards
  • Illustrate how evaluation results can improve implementation of a risk management framework into key business processes to satisfy corporate governance requirements
  • Understand how to select and review evaluation methods
  • Understand the 8 elements of framework design – including Mandate and Committment, Organisational Context, Policy, Accountability, Integration into Business Process, Resources, Communication and Reporting, and Risk Appetite
  • Evaluate the implementation of the risk management process – including monitoring, reviewing and continuous improvement frameworks
  • Learn how to identify risk management outcomes – including confident and innovative decision making, building a progressive organisation, stakeholder relationships and organisational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Learn key success factors in implementing ISO 31000


Who Should Attend

  • Individuals responsible for developing risk management policy within the organisation
  • Individuals accountable for ensuring that risk is effectively managed within the organisation as a whole or within a specific area, project or activity
  • Individuals who need to evaluate their organisations effectiveness in managing risk
  • Developers of standards, guides, procedures and codes of practice that, in whole or part, set out how risk is to be managed within the specific context of risk documents


Carbon Action are running the ISO 31000 Risk Management course in Dublin (Ireland) on 21st & 22nd May, and in London (UK) on 27th & 28th May. Contact Charles Burgess ( for more information.