Carbon Action has just returned from an intensive 3 weeks in China which included visits to hospitals, iron and steel mills, bitumen refinery’s, an oil port, power stations and magnesium processing plants to advice on energy, Clean Developement Mechanism (CDM), carbon credit projects and the carbon foot printing of selected cities in China. Carbon Action also completed a serious of meetings with representatives from government and business. China is engaging in a series of projects to reduce energy consumption and develop a low carbon economy.

Carbon Action is well placed to assist China with these goals. All of our Quantification, Verification and Project work is based on ISO 14064 the only global standard in carbon measurement and management. ISO 14064 is scheme and country neutral so it cam be applied to any organisation, project in any country. As it is an independently audited system, an organisation can make robust claims about their carbon footprint or reduction projects.

The visit was completed when Carbon Action attended the UK Government Climate Change Project Office Carbon Trade Mission in Beijing. This mission brought together a range of UK companies who can assist China in delivering on its low carbon plan.