1. Measuring your organisation’s Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1
(Essentials Greenhouse Gas Inventories for Organizations)
This course provides the information for the first step organisations need to determine their carbon footprint and the ongoing management of GHG emissions.

2. Reducing Your Organisations Environmental Impact ISO 14064-2 Essentials – Greenhouse Gas Projects.
This course provides an introduction and the technical requirements to create GHG projects under the rules of ISO 14064 – 2. Projects that reduce emissions and enhance emissions are addressed.

3. Carbon Emission Reduction Expert ISO 14064-2 Expert – Greenhouse Gas Projects
In this course students apply their knowledge of ISO 14064-2 by creating an actual GHG Project through the use of a series of exercises and two detailed case studies to ensure a practical, hands-on approach to facilitate the learning process.

4. GHG Validation using ISO 14064
Validation is normally performed for GHG emission reduction projects before they are implemented and it helps ensure that the project conforms to the requirements of a standard or the rules of a GHG program.

5. GHG Verification using ISO 14064
Verification provides an independent assessment of the data associated with a GHG inventory or project and typically offers an opinion on the accuracy of the estimates or measurements, thus giving confidence to others interested in the results.