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ISO14064-3 GHG Verification (Auditing) Course

Course Title: Greenhouse Gas Verification of GHG Inventories and GHG Projects (ISO 14064-3)

Course Duration:    Three days
Course Cost:           £1,250

Course Dates

LONDON, UK - 23rd, 24th & 25th June 2015
Email: or call +44 207 397 8500

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - 28th, 29th & 30th October 2015
Email: or call +44 207 397 8500

Course Developers

This course was developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and is delivered by Carbon Action.  Carbon Action is a leading provider of carbon training in the UK and has the exclusive rights to provide CSA developed training courses to ISO 14064, the ONLY globally recognised standard.


Course Aims/Objectives

Attendees at this intensive course will receive in-depth validation and verification training on the ISO 14064-3 standard.  This includes specific examples of how verification would be applied to a GHG inventory prepared according to the ISO 14064-1 or a project that conforms with the ISO 14064-2.

Course content

The programme covers:

  1. Quantification, monitoring and reporting requirements for greenhouse gas emissions and removals
  2. Measuring your organisation`s greenhouse gas inventory
  3. Creating a project to reduce your environmental impact through emission reductions and removals
  4. The requirements for quantifying, monitoring and reporting project under ISO 14064-2

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GHG Verification using ISO 14064

Verification is the systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas assertion against agreed verification criteria.  Verification provides an independent assessment of the data associated with a GHG inventory or project and typically offers an opinion on the accuracy of the estimates or measurements, thus giving confidence to others interested in the results.

More information and booking

Find out more about this and other ISO 14064 courses, email or telephone us today on +44 207 397 8500

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