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Carbon Emission Reduction Expert Course


ISO Carbon Reduction Course (Projects - Expert)

This Carbon Emission Reduction Expert Course builds on the basic course which is the prior learning required for all attendees.  It is intended to give a detailed understanding of Greenhouse Gas projects to project developers and practitioners. Several case studies from across different industry sectors are used as a means of applying the requirements of ISO 14064-2 in a comprehensive way.  Upon completion of this course, participants will be better prepared to plan and manage GHG projects.

Course Pre-requisite Duration Price
Carbon Emission Reductions Expert - Greenhouse Gas Projects
Basic Course is a pre-requisite
OCTOBER 16th, 17th, 18th

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Key benefits of Carbon Reduction Expert Course:

  • Assessing of Greenhouse Gas projects.
  • Effectively planning and managing GHG projects.
  • Determining the Baseline Scenario.
  • Understand WACC, NPV, IRR.
  • Identifying of GHG sources, sinks and reservoirs
  • Preparing for the validation and verification of your GHG projects.
  • Quantifying the GHG Emissions and/or Removals.
  • Learn how to prove additonality by using NPV, IRR and WAC models.

Course Developers: Canadian Standards Association

This course was developed by CSA Standards and is delivered by Carbon Action.  Carbon Action is a leading provider of carbon training in the UK and has the exclusive rights to provide CSA developed training courses to ISO 14064, the ONLY globally recognised standard.


Course Aims/Objectives

This course builds on ISO 14064-2 Essentials course and is intended to give a detailed understanding of greenhouse gas projects to project developers and practitioners. In this course students apply their knowledge of ISO 14064-2 by creating an actual GHG project through the use of a series of exercises and two detailed case studies to ensure a practical, hand-on approach to facilitate the learning process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals managing GHG emission projects.
  • Carbon sustainability consultants,
  • GHG Validators
  • GHG Verifiers
  • Project developers
  • Projects finance officers


Course elements

This course will explore the following concepts in detail:

  • Planning the GHG Quantification
  • Good Practice Guidance
  • Describing the Project
  • Identification of SSRs relevant to the Project
  • Determining the Baseline Scenario
  • Baseline SSRs and Monitoring vs. Estimating
  • Quantification of GHG Emissions and/or Removals
  • Monitoring and Managing Data Quality
  • Preparing a GHG Assertion

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Benefits of ISO 14064 training

  • Achieving ISO 14064 training and certification is the optimum way to demonstrate your competence in GHG systems – both mandatory and voluntary schemes (EU ETS, UN CDM, UK MCP, and all other international schemes.
  • Internationally recognized CSA / ISO certificate signed by the President of CSA.
  • Gain an important competitive edge in the expanding carbon emissions industry.
  • Add to your professional development.
  • Benefit from the practical work based on real life GHG case studies, taught by experienced experts and certified by CSA.
  • Become the recognised expert in your own workplace for GHG quantifications, Emission reduction projects and GHG Validation and/or Verification.
  • Enable employers to be recognised for their proactive approach to sustainability and emissions management.
  • Be part of a global expert community.


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