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Carbon Awareness Course

Carbon Awareness Training Course UK Ireland


Carbon Awareness Course is a popular half-day course, designed to provide attendees with a basic understanding of- carbon emissions, carbon footprinting and general climate change issues.  The course starts at 8.30am and finishes at 12.30pm and is followed by an optional light lunch.

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Course Details

Duration: 1/2 day

Cost: £99 (includes course notes and light refreshments)

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Target Audience

This course is aimed at two main target audiences.  Firstly company directors and managers, management accountants and those with general responsibilities in the area of corporate governance. Secondly our course is aimed at those who have an interest in climate change and methods of carbon emissions reduction. 

Course Objectives

This is a carbon emissions awareness course aimed at people looking for a foundation of knowledge in this sector.  The course is flexible and in addition to the topics below attendees will be able to ask questions on specfic issues affecting them or on areas of particular  interest to you.  Attendees will be given an overview of UK and other legislation (both current and proposed).  Typically attendees ask about LSE and FTSE requirements; mandatory carbon reporting; CRC; carbon trading; etc.  Additional information sources and further courses will also be discussed.

Course Content

  • The course will be flexible and driven to some extent by the course attendees. The course programme will cover the following topics at a minimum:
  • Definition of carbon emissions
  • An understanding of carbon emissions and their affect on climate change
  • An outline of the UK and international legislation covering carbon emissions
  • Introduction to the GHG protocol for corporate accounting and the GHG protocol for project accounting
  • General introduction to carbon footprinting processes
  • Carbon trading - Carbon pricing - trading mechanisms and platforms
  • Legislative compliance in the FTSE, LSE and other UK contexts
  • Carbon accounting and related issues for UK companies
  • Related environmental issues affecting climate change
  • Carbon emissions, business management and corporate governance
  • Commercial opportunities from carbon projects


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