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Collaboration between Google Finances and CDP

Date: 03/05/2012 in General
With a background in physics and sustainability, and a stint as a math teacher in Morocco, I never imagined I would end up at a technology company like Google. But as I approach my fifth…
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U.K. Considers Environment Tax to Replace Carbon ‘Burden’

Date: 23/03/2012 in General
U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said today that he may introduce an environmental tax to replace a carbon-reduction program that’s become a “burden” on business.Proposals for the new tax will be made in…
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Delivering Sustainable Supply Chains

Date: 10/02/2012 in General
Regulation, along with a drive to improve efficiency and enhance corporate reputation, has encouraged the majority of large organizations to look at how they can measure and reduce carbon in their own business.  As this…
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Guangdong Carbon Program to Be China’s Largest, New Energy Says

Date: 27/01/2012 in General
A program to curb the increase of greenhouse gas emissions in China’s Guangdong province will probably be the largest of the nation’s seven test climate- protection systems,according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.Guangdong is seeking to…
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Unavoidable European Aviation Emissions Trading

Date: 13/01/2012 in General
Unavoidable European Aviation Emissions Trading – Comply or fly-by.Over the past week we have seen growing opposition over the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for the aviation industry. Airline operators are anxious that…
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